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1935 E $1 Special Sequential 4 Note pack Silver Certificate Crisp Unc G. Washington

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This listing is for a special sequential 4 note pack of 1935 E $1 Silver Certificates featuring George Washington. These notes are in crisp uncirculated condition, meaning they have never been circulated in commerce and retain their original sharpness and details. The sequential serial numbers make this pack even more unique and collectible, as they were likely printed in consecutive order at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Each note is backed by the United States government and features the iconic portrait of the first president, George Washington, on the front. These silver certificates are a great addition to any currency collection and offer a glimpse into the monetary history of the United States.

The 1935 E $1 Silver Certificate was a type of currency issued by the United States government in the mid-20th century. These certificates were redeemable for one silver dollar coin, hence the name "silver certificate." The 1935 E series is one of the most common variations of the $1 silver certificate, but a sequential 4 note pack like this is far more rare and sought after by collectors. The notes themselves have a blue seal and serial numbers, with the portrait of George Washington prominently featured on the front. The crisp uncirculated condition of these notes ensures their sharpness and desirability to collectors.

George Washington is a key figure in American history and is known as the father of the country. His image on these 1935 E $1 Silver Certificates serves as a reminder of the country's founding and the importance of the first president. These notes are a piece of monetary history, as they were once used as a form of currency in the United States. The sequential serial numbers of this 4 note pack add to their collectibility and make them even more unique. This special sequential 4 note pack of 1935 E $1 Silver Certificates would be a valuable addition to any coin or currency collection.

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Special Sequential 4 Note pack Silver Certificate


United States


Crisp Unc

Treasury Seal






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G. Washington

Serial Number

Sequential From P32147263H to P32147266H


Comes in Protective Plastic Sleeve



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