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Paper Grading

At GoldRun49, we adhere to a universally accepted 70-point numerical scale for grading paper money, commencing at 70 PPQ. Grading standards may vary among different companies, so we encourage users to research and familiarize themselves with diverse entities’ practices. This knowledge empowers you to make well-informed decisions when adding to your precious paper money collection.

Our grading and Quality Standards at GoldRun49 follow widely recognized and stringent practices, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the grading process. Please note that the referenced grades for circulated and uncirculated banknotes are general guides, and specific standards may differ based on the type of paper money, rarity, and condition.

Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing you with the most sought-after banknotes within each grade. For further insights into our grading process or a professional appraisal of your paper money collection, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Being well-informed about grading practices empowers you to make informed decisions while building your valuable paper money collection.

Grading and Quality Standards

Uncirculated (UNC) - 70 to 65

Banknotes in this grade are in pristine condition with no signs of handling, folding, or wear. They have sharp corners, original crispness, and full original colors.

About Uncirculated (AU) - 58 to 50

Banknotes in this grade may have very slight signs of handling, but overall, they still appear fresh and relatively new. Some minor folds or creases may be visible.

Extremely Fine (EF or XF) - 45 to 40

Banknotes in this grade show light signs of circulation, with a few folds or creases. The note remains attractive and well-preserved.

Very Fine (VF) - 30 to 20

Banknotes in this grade have visible signs of wear and use. There may be multiple folds and creases, but the note is still mostly intact and presentable.

Fine (F) - 12 to 8

Banknotes in this grade have noticeable wear and tear, with numerous folds, creases, and potential discoloration. However, the design and overall integrity of the note are still clear.

Very Good (VG) - 6 to 4

Banknotes in this grade show significant wear and may have some minor tears or missing pieces along the edges. The design remains distinguishable.

Good (G) - 3 to 2

Banknotes in this grade have considerable wear, with multiple creases, stains, and tears. The note’s design may be partially obscured.

Fair (F) - 1 to 0.5

Banknotes in this grade are heavily worn and damaged, with severe creases, missing pieces, and fading of the design. Identification of the note’s denomination may be challenging.

Poor (P) - 0.3 to 0.1

Banknotes in this grade are severely damaged and almost unrecognizable. They may be heavily torn, stained, or mutilated.

It’s essential to remember that grading is subjective and can vary slightly between different grading services and experts. As a result, collectors are encouraged to study grading standards and seek professional opinions for particularly valuable or rare banknotes.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for insight.